1 Hour - 1 Day Courses

Incident Response Workshop


This one-day course is designed for Directors, Senior Managers, SHE Professional, in-house lawyers and insurers, to train them in Incident Response, and can be tailored to incorporate internal notification and incident management protocols.
Taking a real incident, the course begins by looking at how a 999 call made for an ambulance can include notification to the HSE and police, when to expect a visit from the authorities, triggering legal privilege, preserving the scene and gathering and organising the evidence required for an internal investigation. We look at root cause analysis and learning, and sharing lessons across the business. 
We also cover how to deal with regulators, their powers, how they investigate and what they focus on. 


  • Internal investigation – why we do them
  • What the authorities (police and HSE) respond to and how
  • Types of enforcement action and the evidence required for each
  • When individuals are suspects
  • Immediate actions on site after an incident
  • Media/social media
  • Supporting those in shock/distress
  • Securing co-operation from the supply chain and other third parties
  • Physical evidence – what is relevant and how to preserve it correctly
  • Witness evidence – what is relevant and how to preserve it correctly
  • The use of legal privilege


Madeleine Abas
Senior Partner

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