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CDM 2015 – What Good Looks Like – Strategic Considerations for Directors


This programme, aimed at Directors, has run for multiple years alongside its sister programme for Managers.

This Directors course, with the ability to be tailored according to the specific division of a business, for example construction or facilities management, seeks to enhance the understanding of the strategic contribution that Directors are expected to make today and gives Directors an enhanced understanding of the legal H&S framework applicable to the construction industry. By reflecting upon the current assessment of risk and planning to combat those risks, delegates focus on identifying how to reduce the risk that their approach will be found wanting both personally and corporately.


  • The legal duties and liabilities of Directors
  • The key legal framework Directors must understand
  • Health and Safety Policy and the Director’s role
  • A look at “before we win work”
  • CDM today – the general duties and the inputs Directors should have in ensuring compliance
  • What we can expect from a compliant Client
  • Accepting key duty holding positions of CDM – what this means in practice
  • General requirements – Part 4 of CDM
  • A reflection on site visits/safety tours by leaders to ensure they are of appropriate frequency and quality
  • How to maximise the learning from an adverse event
  • The learning from accidents/incidents/near misses
  • A review of the strategic issues arising and action plan


Madeleine Abas
Senior Partner

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