1 Hour - 1 Day Courses

Effective Health & Safety Leadership for Directors and Senior Managers


One of our most popular courses, updated regularly, this one-day workshop is designed for Directors and Senior Managers to ensure they understand what is expected of them today in terms of safety leadership, and to help them identify the improvements required in their business. Case studies from the industry within which the audience operates are used throughout to ensure the context in which learning presents itself is relevant.

The objectives of the course are:

  • Enhanced understanding of the contribution that Directors & Senior Managers are expected to make today
  • Enhanced understanding of the legal H&S framework applicable to the relevant industry
  • Reflections upon current contributions
  • Identify areas for improvement in health and safety performance – personal and corporate


  • The impact of leaders
  • The elements of the legal framework that Directors & Senior Managers must understand
  • Areas of frequent non-compliance
  • What good looks like illustrated via a number of case studies
  • The day to day behaviours required from leaders across the areas of plan, do, check and act
  • Reflections on the nature and purpose of leadership site visits
  • What to expect in the aftermath of a serious incident
  • How to maximise learning following adverse events
  • Action plans to improve


Madeleine Abas
Senior Partner

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