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Health & Safety for Project Managers – Construction


A comprehensive 2-day programme tailored to the Project Managers of large construction companies.


  • To gain a better understanding of today’s expectations of health and safety leadership in managers
  • To improve understanding of what good looks like
  • To identify areas for personal development


1 Legal duties and liabilities of managers

2 Employer duties and the key role of managers in delivering compliance

3 The proven relationship between a lack of leadership and disaster

4 The key principles of leadership

5 Project management case study

Case study involving the following themes:

  • Client relationships
  • Embarking on work of a new type
  • Briefing new team members
  • Inadequate consideration of hazards
  • Incomplete tasks
  • Conduct at meetings

With delegates playing characters in the case study and facing “cross examination” by the trainer,     the group identifies the leadership failures as the evidence unfolds.

6 The impact of commercial decisions on health and safety

7 Managing criticism from Clients and others

8 Planning, managing and monitoring in respect of your supply chain

9 Managing poor performance

10 Leadership in the aftermath of an accident

11 The cost of getting safety wrong

12 Developing a proactive health and safety culture

13 Reflection, next steps, questions and close


Madeleine Abas
Senior Partner

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