SPURS Health and Safety Leadership Development Programme


SPURS incorporates a unique, comprehensive question set – tailored as appropriate to Directors, Senior Managers or SHE Personnel – that measures the full range of contributions and leadership behaviours expected today from leaders. It provides an invaluable insight to those wanting to really see the footprint they are currently making as leader, and then to focus on enhancement in the right areas.

The question sets explore all of the actions and recommendations expected within, for example, the HSE’s Plan, Do, Check, Act model of health and safety management, which achieves a balance between the systems and behavioural aspects of management, and treats health and safety management as an integral part of good management generally.

The questions also address the full range of leadership behaviours that we know are vital for excellence in health and safety, following research, public inquiries and guidance, and test understanding of legal accountabilities.

Reflection and self-perception bring value for participants at the outset of the programme, but it is the feedback of up 10 colleagues and contacts who can speak to their experience of the actions, behaviours and qualities of the participants, and their honesty regarding areas for improvement, that provide a full and detailed picture of the participants’ performance.

The findings are carefully analysed and discussed one on one with participants to inform a truly bespoke development plan, to help each become a better leader in health and safety. Participants then have access to a substantial resource library, with videos, guidance notes, case studies and checklists to aid implementation of the development plan they have committed to.


  • Help your business and its leaders understand its strengths and weaknesses in health and safety leadership
  • Highlight critical areas of business and leader vulnerability
  • Targeted development plans
  • Guidance on achieving enhancements
  • Reduce workplace accidents and incidents
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Madeleine Abas

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