Specialist Regulatory Legal Advice

Crisis Response

We can offer a 24-7 accident and incident response service, as part of an annual retainer arrangement or by client legal panel appointment, including urgent site attendance and/or support via video call or telephone. Our team members are experienced at dealing with and managing the aftermath of major incidents.

We provide invaluable help in ensuring that our clients’ directors and managers show strong leadership and level headedness following a serious accident or incident.

Our advice ensures the proper consideration of the bereaved or injured, and the provision of support to all those involved, including witnesses and others affected by the incident. We ensure the identification and preservation of relevant evidence as part of a comprehensive internal investigation, and will advise on responding to third party requests for information, including the investigating authorities and the media, as well as any reporting required.

Our team members are also highly trained in accident/incident investigation skills, and can lead or support our clients to ensure that there is both a thorough investigation conducted under legal privilege and maximised learning outcomes from any adverse event.

We are in your corner

Working for clients nationally, OAH is head-quartered in Cheshire, a short commute out of Manchester and conveniently located near to the motorway network and Manchester Airport.