Specialist Regulatory Legal Advice


We can advise those involved with Coroners’ Inquest proceedings arising from workplace fatalities and deaths arising, or potentially arising, from the provision of activities, products and services.

We regularly advise and act for clients in connection with Coroners’ Inquest proceedings following unnatural deaths. 

We provide coverage on a nationwide basis at all Coroners’ Courts, and prepare cases thoroughly in recognition of the impact any proceedings can have on further investigations by Health and Safety regulators, civil litigation claims and on your reputation generally.

Strategy can vary from seeking no active part in inquest hearings to securing Properly Interested Person status and actively seeking to ensure key facts are exposed. We have a track record of ensuring our clients are not the subject of Prevention of Future Deaths reports.

We are in your corner

Working for clients nationally, OAH is head-quartered in Cheshire, a short commute out of Manchester and conveniently located near to the motorway network and Manchester Airport.