Learning & Development Programmes

Online Learning Platform



Our unique on-demand learning platform, SPURS, hosts Yellow Triangle’s training. Users will have access to high-quality videos, guidance notes on all topics covered and interactive exercises that delegates will complete during each course.

In addition to interactive exercises, users will be provided with case studies based on actual events. Key assignments will be submitted to and marked by the course creator, Madeleine Abas, who has vast experience in advising and training substantial organisations across the industry and the public sector in health and safety requirements. Users can access and refer back to feedback throughout the course, gaining valuable insight into what good looks like.

Certificates of completion are issued, and to aid continued learning and to embed new skills, the on-demand platform will remain accessible for delegates for 12 months following the completion of a programme.

SPURS Connect


Do you have a group of employees you would like to put through one of our training courses?

Would you like to be able to keep track of their progress?

Would you like the training to incorporate your company requirements?

SPURS Connect allows you to access live training data, OAH news and details on further training opportunities. Our company packages include:

  1. Bespoke on-demand training using corporate logos and incorporating company policy and procedures throughout.

  2. Live access to view an up-to-date summary of course progress for all of your delegates. Use these reports to view progress and identify delegates who have not started or completed their courses within a reasonable timeframe.

  3. Export data to produce KPI reports. All data collected within our SPURS platform can be exported, extremely useful for creating your in-house reports.