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Internal Investigations

To sustain and improve your organisation’s health and safety performance you must have the skills and knowledge to investigate internally and learn from an adverse event or significant concern.

Our course focuses on the core skills and techniques to be deployed in an investigation, the preservation of key evidence in an appropriate and effective way, and using the investigation to improve the performance of the organisation.


Initial Steps Course: a 3 hour, fully on demand programme to give participants a high level look at the key skills involved

Introduction to Internal Investigations (1-day): designed for those who are relied upon by their organisations to carry out internal investigations for more Straight forward adverse events.

Level 2 Internal Investigations (2-day): designed for SHE Advisors, Managers and Senior Operational Managers who are relied upon to carry out investigations into significant events.

Level 3 Lead Investigators: Designed for Senior SHE advisors and managers who are relied upon to carry out investigations into the most serious of events, such as explosions, multiple injury cases or fatalities.

Delivery Methods

• In-person
• Remote
• On-demand
• Location – Worldwide

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